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KARAT is a regional coalition of organisations and individuals focusing its action on observance of women’s human rights, and ensuring gendered economic and social justice in the Region.

Our Region is the territory of the Central and Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

  • advocacy on different levels including: United Nations (esp. related to CEDAW and Beijing Process), European Union (esp. related to enlargement process and neighborhood policies), governments from our Region and other stakeholders including transnational corporations
  • monitoring the implementation of international agreements and gender equality standards (e.g. Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW Convention, ILO Conventions, EU policies and laws etc.)
  • capacity building aimed at developing expertise in the area of economic and social justice, and gender in development to empower women from our Region
  • building alliances with other European/global women’s and development networks/organizations to scale up our results in achieving gender, economic and social justice